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​​​​Agricultural Services​​

Veterinary Services Division

Contact Person: Dr. P BEEHARRY
Position:  Officer in Charge, Assistant Director, Livestock and Veterinary
Tel: (230) 454 1016, 454 1017, 466 6662
Fax: (230) 464-2210


Main activity: Provision of veterinary servicesThe main services provided by this division are as follows:

Home p​age
Artificial insemination service for cows, on application at the headquarters or at any regional sub-office.            M​​ore....
Pregnancy diagnosis for cows.                More....
Treatment of animal diseases and difficult calvings for cows, goats, sheep, pigs and poultry.
24 hour service to the breeding community related mainly to cattle, goats, pigs and poultry. One veterinary officer is on call for attending cases which are referred to the division late at night.

Laboratory diagnosis of diseases at the Animal Health Laboratory at Réduit. Breeders of cattle, pigs and poultry may bring material(s) or specimen(s) (e.g sick or dead birds for investigation during office hours.

Sterilisation of animal products (e.g. animal hides, peacock feathers etc.) both imported or for export.
Sale of vaccines.                                 More ......​
Distribution of drugs to all small livestock breeders both at the headquarter or at regional offices.
Control of mastitis
Provision for quarantine facilities at Réduit (Kennels, catteries) for imported animals which is of three months duration and at Richelieu for cattle and goats to be slaughtered for meat.
Issue of Import Permits for animal and livestock products at the Headquarters.

Notes for the guidance of importation of pet animals into Mauritius​                                    More ......​​

nspection of livestock and livestock products and issue of veterinary permits for export.          More....
Supervision of manufacturing processes in relation to veterinary products for exports (e.g. canned tuna).
The division operates a number of sub-offices. For addresses, phone numbers, contact persons and operating hours.​
The services of the division are available on application. Please note that in the case of breeders, a simple telephone call is sufficient for the application. Indicative costs of the services and the fees charged.

 List of Offices/Sub-offices of Veterinary Services

Location​Region​Office Hours​Tel No.​
​Headquarters(Reduit)​Whole Island​24 hrs service​454 1016
454 1017
466 6662
466 6917
466 0881
466 0896
​Rose Belle​South & Upper Plaine Wilhems​7.00 to 15.00 hrs627 7896
627 1342
​Abercrombie​North​7.00 to 15.00 hrs​242 9170
240 0551
​Flacq​East​7.00 to 15.00 hrs​413 4552
​FSC, St. Pierre​West and Central7.00 to 15.00 hrs​​433 3661

Fees charged for services of the Division

Service & CharacteristicE.C* (Rs)Rate* (Rs)Basis
Artificial Insemination 1,5002.60Per insemination
Pregnancy diagnosis 200FreePer diagnosis
Treatment of animal diseases N.AFree
Treatment of difficult calvings 500FreePer treatment
Laboratory diagnosis of diseases 50FreePer diagnosis
Sterilisation of animal products 2510Per item
Hitchner Vaccine (30 doses)1.58 
Hitchner Vaccine (45 doses)2.37 
Lasota Vaccine (30 doses)1.58 
Lasota Vaccine (45 doses)2.37 
Fowl Pox Vaccine (50 doses)2.63 
Fowl Pox Vaccine (100 doses)5.25 
V4 Vaccines (100 doses)5.25 
V4 Vaccines (200 doses)10.50 
Vaccine Hog Cholera for pigs60FreePer Vaccine
Anthelmintic (Deworming) drugs for pigs25FreePer head
Iron Injection drugs for pigs25FreePer head
Vitamins and minerals for pigs25FreePer head
Antibiotics for pigs 25FreePer head
Bovine T.B Test Vaccine for Cattle 75FreePer head
Antiobiotics for cattle sheep and goats 60FreePer head
Anthelmintic (Deworming) for cattle, sheep & goats 100FreePer head
Vitamins and minerals for cattle, sheep & goats 80FreePer head
Control of mastitis 500FreePer head
Quarantine facilities for cats and dogs (Per head) 5015Per day
Quarantine facilities for birds (Per head) 105Per day
Issue of import Permit for horseN.A1,000Per animal
Issue of Import Permit for cats and dogsIssue of N.A500Per animal
Import Permit for birds N.A100Every 10 birds
Issue of Import Permit for cattle, goats and sheep N.A10Per animal
Issue of Import Permit for any other live animal N.A200Per animal
Issue of Import Permit for meat intended for human consumption N.A100Per permit
Veterinary Clearance fee on landing of animals100500Per landing
Quarantine fees for cattle 10010Per head
Quarantine fees for Goats and Sheep 1002Per head
Quarantine fees for pigs and rabbits N.A30Per pen
Inspection and analysisof livestock and livestock products for export 1000Free
Issue of export permit for livestock & livestock products and for fisheries products 2000Free
Inspection and analysis of imported meat 1000Free