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​​​​Ex-Director of OTF Export Ltd, Teeruthraj, who is also known as Vikram, was born in April 1979. Throughout the years, he has attended several institutions which have made it possible for him to remain a successful professional. The first of these institutions was Sir Satcam Boolell Govt School in Sebastopol, which was followed by Darwin College in Flacq, where he earned a Cambridge School Certificate in 1997. By, 1999, Vikram has gained a Higher School Certificate from Shimati Indira Gandhi SSS in Quartier-Militaire. In 2016, he also received a Diploma in Business Administration from Charles Telfair Institute.

With an extensive and successful academic background, Vikram has held many professional positions. Two of these positions began in 2012 when he served as the Chairman for the District Council of Flacq and was re-elected on 2014. Vikram had also been elected President of the Association of District Council.

Vikram has also been recipient of numerous awards which have included the Spirit of Entrepreneur Award. Followed by The Most Outstanding Agro Entrepreneur Award in 2006. From 2012 to 2014, he was awarded by Gold Award of Exporters and Achieved Global Gap Certificate.

In 2014, he participated in the General Elections as an Independent Candidate and reached nearly 10 000 votes. In November 2019, he resigned as President of the Flacq District Council to stand as candidate (l'Alliance Moricien) for the General Elections for the Constituency No 10 (Montagne-Blanche/Grand River South East).

In November 2019, he was elected as first Member of Constituency No 10, Montagne-Blanche and Grand River South East and appointed as Minister of Public Service, Administrative and Institutional Reforms on 12th November 2019 before being appointed as Minister of Agro Industry & Food Security on 31 August 2023.

As someone who values helping others, Vikram has contributed to his community members who are most in need, as well as Corporate Social Responsibility and the development of sports, social and cultural activities. Though he is proud of his accomplishments, his biggest hope is to continue learning and improving his abilities so that he will not only serve as a respected insight, but also a source of motivation.

Outside of this and his career, Vikram enjoys reading, football, scrabble and spending his free time with his family and close friends.

Minister of Agro Industry & Food Security

NAME                                   :               Teeruthraj Hurdoyal (also known as Vikram)

DATE OF BIRTH                  :               15.04.1979

 ADDRESS                             :               Royal Road Trou D' eau Douce

 TEL                                         :              2127931 (Through Confidential Secretary)

 FAX                                        :               2133263

 EMAIL ADDRESS –   ​         :     


 MARITAL STATUS             :               Married with 2 children​


  • Sir Satcam Boolell Govt. school – Sebastopol



  • Cambridge School Certificate (SC) – Darwin College, Flacq (Year: 1993 – 1997)
  • Higher School Certificate (HSC) – Shrimati Indira Gandhi SSS, Quartier Militaire

(Year: 1998 – 1999)



  • Diploma in Business Administration – Charles Telfair Institute (Year: 2015 – 2016)
  • Masters in Business Administration - University of Northampton



  • Ex – Director – OTF Export Ltd/Exofruits Export Ltd – Belle Mare (2002 till 7 Nov 2019)
  • Member of the Village Council of Trou D' eau Douce (December 2012)
  • Chairman of the District Council of Flacq (December 2012 – 2014)
  • President of Association of District Councils (ADC) – (2014)
  • Re Elected Chairman of the District Council of Flacq (December 2016 till Nov 2019)



  • Spirit of Entrepreneur Award (Year 2005)
  • The most Outstanding Agro Entrepreneur Award (Year 2006)
  • Global Gap Certificate (Year 2012)
  • Gold Award Exporters (Year 2013)
  • Highest number of votes as Independent Candidate at the last General Election (2014)





  • Reading
  • Football
  • Adventure
  • Scrabble