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​​Acts and Regulations​​​​​​

Agricultural Chemists Act 1979​

Agricultural Diversification Corporation​

Animal Welfare Act

Animal Diseases Act​ 1925

Animal Feed Control Act 1977​

The Aquatic Business Activities Bill - First Draft

Presentation on the Aquatic Business Activities Bill

Artificial Insemination of Animals (Control) Act 1946​

Board of Agriculture, Natural Resources Act 1977

Control of Stray Dogs Act 2000

Chemical Analyses


Chemical Fertilisers Control Act 1980
Dangerous Chemicals Control Act 2004
Distribution of Fodder (Control)
Farmer’s Service Corporation
Food and Agricultural Research Council
Forests and Reserves
Genetically Modified Organisms Act 2004
Inflammable liquids and Substances
Irrigation Authority
Land Acquisition​
Land (Duties and Taxes)
Landlord and Tenant
Land Surveyors
Mauritius Agricultural Marketing
Mauritius Cane Industry Authority Act - 2011
Mauritius Co-operative Institute
Mauritius Research Council
Mauritius Standards Bureau
Mauritius Sugar Authority
Mauritius Sugar Industry Research Institute
Mauritius Sugar Syndicate
Mauritius Sugar Terminal Corporation​
Mauritius Veterinary Association
The Native Terrestrial Biodiversity and National Parks Acy 2015
National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs
Occupational Safety, Health and Welfare
Official Secrets
Pas Géométriques
Pesticides Control
Plaisance Airport (Building Restrictions)
The Vallee D'Osterlog Endemic Garden Foundation Act 2007
The Proclamation Notice for the Vallee D'Osterlog Endemic Garden Foundation Act 2007
The Plan​t Protection Bill
Radiation Protection
Rivers and Ca​nals Act 1863
Rivers and Canals (Amendment) Act 1868
The River Reserves (Control of Vegetation) Act, 1946
Rodrigues (Administrative and Judicial Provisions)
Rodrigues (Local Council)
Rose Belle Sugar Estate Board Act 1973
Rose Belle Sugar Estate Board (Amendment) Act 1976
The seed Act 2013 
Gazetted Seed Regulations
Small Planters Welfare Fund Act
State Land (Alienation)
State Lands
State Proceedings
State Trading Corporation
Statutory Bodies (Accounts and Audit) Act
Sugar Brokerage Tax
Sugar Cane Planters Trust Act 1997 - Pdf Version (112 KB)
Sugar Industry Development Funds
Sugar Industry Efficiency Act   (September 2018)
Sugar Industry Efficiency
Sugar Industry LabourWelfare Fund
Sugar Industry Pension Fund
Sugar Industry Reserve Fund​
Sugar Industry Retiring Benefits
Sugar Insurance Fund
Sugar Planters Mechanical Pool Corporation
Sugar Sector Package Deal
Tea Industry Control​
The Sir Seewo​sagur Ramgoolam Botanic Garden Trust Act 1999
Tobacco Production and Marketing
Veterinary Council
Wildlife and National Parks