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Agricultural Services

Animal Production Division
Contact Person: Mrs. G. Ramasawmy-Chellen
Position: Principal Scientific Officer
Tel:(230) 466 0021/466 0011/401 2800
Fax: (230) 465 8510

Animal Production Division  Activities​​

​​Registration Form of New Farmer

 ​Managing Government livestock farms.​​​​​​

Import of li​vestock and Breed improvement program for farmed  animals.
Supply of breeding stock (broiler chicks, ducklings, sheep and dairy cattle) to farmers.

Provide technical support for the drafting of policies and legislations for the livestock sector 


​​​​ In the last decade, a number of livestock breeding stations have been closed down, which resulted in a loss of production capacity for breeding stock. 
 This has had a negative impact on the livestock sector in general. In this context, new projects have been launched to fill the gap created by the closure of these stations 
 and which include the following:​

​​(i)​​​   Heifer Farm at Melrose
​(ii ) ​Livestock zone ​​
(iii) Dairy at Melrose 

(iv) ​Sheep Reprod​uction Farm at Salazie

​​​  Drafting of Legislation for Livestock Sector​

      Animal Production Division is also actively involved in the drafting ​of legislation (ex. Animal Health and Livestock Production Bill) for the livestock sector to address issues such as illegal slaughter, 

      lack of traceability, no movement control, poor coordination between different service-providing institutions, no recording system for animal performance and lack of information for policymaking​