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​​​    Vaccines-Drugs​


        Presently, the Veterinary Services cater for vaccination of poultry and pigs only. This depends on the animal disease – status prevailing in Mauritius.

        For Poultry

        Vaccination against Newcastle Disease, using V4 strain of Newcastle Disease virus, is recommended at day-old, 10 days, 21 days, 30 days and at every 3 month for layers.

        Vaccination against Fowl-pox disease is also administered at 21 days old.

The above 2 vaccines are produced at the Animal Health Laboratory, and are available/on sale at​​: -

DVS-Head Quarters at Le Reduit
​ ​Rs 5.25 of 100 doses of N.D vaccine
Rs 5.25 for F/Pox vaccine (100 doses)​​
Flacq Veterinary Centres​
Rose-Belle Veterinary Services Centres
St. Pierre Veterinary Centres​

​For Pigs Swine
Vaccination against classical swine fever is still recommended for pigs of 3 weeks old. This vaccine is available free of cost at DVS – Head Quarters and upon demand at other Veterinary Centers.​


The Division of Veterinary Services provides 24 hr-free service to all breeders of animals of economic importance. Consequently, all sick animals are treated with free veterinary drugs administered by Veterinary Officers of the Division.​