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​​​​​​​​​​​Veterinary Artificial Insemination​​​

​Technical Support​

Artificial Insemination

  • This activity/operation is provided to all cow-keepers/breeders who possess a heifer of above 18 months old and cows that have calved 45 days back. This service is provided at the doorstep/stable of cow-keepers, 
    at the request of the latter. Cow-keepers in need of this service are required to call at the five regional Veterinary Centers situated at Abercrombie, Rose-Belle, Flacq, St. Pierre and Rivière du Rempart.
    It should be noted that telephone facilities are available at all these centers and at the Head Quarters of the Division of Veterinary Services, at Réduit.
  • Artificial Insemination is performed by well-trained and experienced Technical Assistant and Senior Technical Assistant, who use frozen semen imported from France and New Zealand. 
    The cost of 1 insemination is Rs 2.60. Re-insemination is done free of cost, up to 2 times. If the cow/heifer is not pregnant on 3rd insemination, the animal is referred to the infertility unit for treatment and follow-up.