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​​​Agricultur​al Services​​
Agricultural Chemistry ​Division

Contact Person:
Tel No:
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Mrs. H. DOWLUT​​
​Principal Scientific Officer
​(230) 466 1435/1420 - 4657472
​(230) 466-1559​​​


To be an effective analytical support service provider to the farming community and agricultural sector for a sustainable agricultural development.


To provide reliable and timely analytical support to the farming community for the chemical analysis of agricultural materials.


​The Agricultural Chemistry Division operates a laboratory, providing analytical support services (chemical analysis) to the agricultural communities and livestock breeders.
The Agricultural Chemistry Division also issues licenses for the wholesale and retail sale of chemical fertilisers.


The Agricultural Chemistry Division has the following sections:

      Soil and Fertiliser Analysis

      Plant Analysis

      Feed and Fodder Analysis

      Pesticide Residue Analysis

      Mycotoxins Analysis

      ​Inorganic Analysis

The laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art apparatus and equipment for chemical analysis like high performance liquid chromatographs (HPLC) gas chromatograph with ECD, FTD and FID, gas chromatograph with mass spectrometry (GCMSMS), Liquid Chromatograph with mass spectrometry (LCMSMS), UV/Visible spectrophotometer, atomic absorption spectrophotometer (AAS), flame photometer, Kjeltec Auto Distillation Apparatus and Fibertec.​​


The Agricultural Chemistry Division provides services for chemical analysis of agricultural materials such as soil, plant, fertiliser, feed and fodder, compost, farm manure and water for various parameters including nutritional composition, major &minor nutrients, residues and contaminants.

The purpose of the chemical analysis is to help the growers (planters) and farmers to determine the soil fertility status of their land, the suitability of water for irrigation, the mineral status of plants/leaves/vegetables and the nutritional value of the animal feed and fodder. The analyses also help in monitoring the presence of residues and contaminants in the agricultural products.

 Quality Assurance

​As part of its quality assurance for its test results, the Laboratory participates regularly in Proficiency Testing programmes organized by internationally recognized institutions like


​FAPAS​​Food Analysis Performance Assessment Scheme​UK​
​BIPEA​​​Bureau Inter Professionel d'Etudes Analytiques ​France​
​​WEPAL​Wageningen Evaluation programme for Analytical Laboratories ​The Netherlands​