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​ ​​​Agricultural Services

Animal Production Division​
Contact Person: Mrs. G. Ramasawmy-Chellen
Position: Principal Scientific Officer
Tel:(230) ​466 0021/466 0011/ 401 2800
Tel:(230) 465 8510
Email: moa-a




     Day old Chicks & Ducklings

    Availability of Products at the Poultry Breeding Centre, Réduit


Unit Price (Rs)
Day on Sale
(9.00 to 11.00 a.m)
   Day-old broiler chicks ​​​23.00 ​​Tuesday
   Day-old ducklings ​32.00​ ​​Friday


 Products are available only to those registered at the PBC (Registration Details)     

       *Prices may change. Please phone on 464 3733 to obtain current prices.

      ​ Additional information:

Our day-old broilers are not vaccinated
 Our day-old ducklings do not require vaccination
Farmers should continue with the vaccination programme after purchase of chicks. Vaccines are available at the Division of Veterinary Services, Reduit
​​Please attached copy of Identity Card and Utility Bill