​Veterinary Services

Artificial Insemination

This activity/operation is provided to all cow-keepers/breeders whose cows and heifers are in need of Artificial Insemination Services and suffer from infertility problems. This service is provided at the doorstep on request. Cow-keepers normally call in person or phone at the four regional Veterinary Centers situated at Abercrombie, Rose-Belle, Flacq and St. Pierre.  Cowkeepers may phone directly to the Headquarters at Réduit and it is thereafter canalized to the respective Veterinary Centres.

Artificial Insemination is performed by fully-trained and experienced Technical Assistant and Senior Technical Assistant on a routine basis. Presently, imported frozen semen is being used at a subsidized rate of Rs 2.60. Reinsemination is done free of cost up to two times. In the event of non pregnancy of the cow or heifer on the 3rd insemination, the animal is referred to the Infertility Unit for treatment and follow-up.
Pregnancy​ Diagnosis

Pregnancy diagnosis in cows is assessed 3 months after insemination. Generally, a SASO under the supervision of a Veterinary Officer performs the pregnancy diagnosis and reports to the Office. Infertility problems are handled by the team who are adequately trained for this purpose.

Presently, the Veterinary Services cater for vaccination of poultry,goats and cattle. This depends on the animal disease – status prevailing in Mauritius.
For Poultry

Vaccination against Newcastle Disease, using V4 strain of Newcastle Disease virus, is recommended at day-old, 10 days, 21 days, 30 days and at every 3 month for layers.

Vaccination against Fowl-pox disease is also administered at 21 days old.

The above 2 vaccines are produced at the Animal Health Laboratory, and are available/on sale at

DVS-Head Quarters at Le ​Reduit Rs5.25 of 100 doses of N.D vaccine
Flacq Veterinary Centres Rs 5.25 for F/Pox vaccine (100 doses)
Rose-Belle Veterinary Services Centres
St. Pierre Veterinary Centres

 For Pigs Swine

Vaccination against classical swine fever is still recommended for pigs of 3 weeks old. This vaccine is available free of cost at DVS – Head Quarters and upon demand at other Veterinary Centers. 

The Division of Veterinary Services provides 24 hr-free service to all breeders of animals of economic importance. Consequently, all sick animals are treated with free veterinary drugs administered by Veterinary Officers of the Division.

Free ambulatory veterinary assistance including drugs (all year round) under the Free Drug Scheme are provided on a 24 hourly basis by the Veterinary Services to animal breeders. Requests for assistance are made by breeders at Headquarters, Division of Veterinary Services, Reduit or at any one of the four regional centres. A skeletal service for emergency assistance is provided outside office hours and at night. Breeders should request assistance at Head Office, Redui.
​Animal Quarantine

Quarantine facilities are available for

  • dogs and cats at the headquarter of the Division of Veterinary Services
  • cattle and goats meant for slaughter at Richelieu
  • horses at Palma, Quatre Bornes and Trou aux Biches ​
    chicks at approved Quaran​tine Sites like Mon Bois, Les Casernes – Curepipe, Trianon, Soreze, Bel Air St. Felix, Pellegrin, St. Julien Farm and Alma Bar le Duc Farm.