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​​​​​​​​​Land Use Division​
Frequently Asked Questions

1.     Allocation of land to Lessees
           ​How can I obtain a parcel of land for agricultural purposes?

An application is made to the Ministry of Agro Industry and Food Security by individuals, cooperatives, companies etc. for agricultural land to undertake an agricultural activity.
 A State land Committee consisting of several members in​cluding one from t​he Land Use Division (LUD) considers all cases.
Selection is done according to availability of land (available records at LUD), purpose and project proposal from applicant
If approved, a Letter of Intent (LOI) is sent to potential lessee.
The lessee has to send a letter of Acceptance (LOA) to the Ministry thereby agreeing with the conditions stipulated in the LOI.
Finally a lease agreement is drawn for the extent of land obtained.
2.     Drawing of Lease Agreements and Registration of Leases
What is a Lease Agreement?
​It is a contract between the Lessor (representative of Ministry of Agro Industry) and the Lessee or tenant whereby the lessee has to abide by a set of Articles found in the contract document.
What are the fees prescribed for Lease Agreements by the Ministry?
​Rs 1,000 per arpent per annum.
​Rs 1,500 per arpent where irrigation facilities are available.
​Rs 3,500 per arpent per annum for Agro Industrial purposes
What is the validity of the Lease Agreement signed by Lessee?
​Lease is drawn for standard period of seven years. 
After seven years, what happens to the Lease Agreement?
​​​Conditions for renewal of the lease agreement are that the land has been utilised as per conditions of the lease and rent has been paid.
3.     Survey of Land and Fixing of Boundary Stones
Why a plot of land needs to be surveyed?
​Land is surveyed so as to establish boundaries and enable a lessee to use the land without any conflicts with other lessees.
4.     Change of Plot/ Purpose
A lessee due to some reasons may not be able to occupy the plot of land leased to him.
There are provisions made by the Ministry to attend them as far as possible such as a change of purpose may be made or even a change of plot.
Do I have to pay any fees?
​Yes. Cancellation fee of Rs 1450/acre has to be settled together with Rs 1350/acre for registration fees for new lease.
5.     Transfer of Tenancy
                         The Ministry makes provisions for Transfer of Tenancy (wife/husband or one heir) due to various reasons: health problems, old age, death of lessee.

 What are the procedures for application regarding Transfer of tenancy?

​​​The Lessee needs to call at LUD Office.
He will make an application on appropriate form together with relevant documents submitted by him.
What happens to the application form?

​The application form together with all documents are forwarded to the Ministry of Agro Industry for approval.  
Views from LUD are also submitted.
A final decision is taken at the level of the MInistry.
The lessee is duly informed about the approval of not of his request.
Upon approval he is called at LUD office where a new lease is then drawn.
Previous lease is cancelled and new lease is registered at Registrar General’s Department.
The lessee starts occupying the land if survey has been completed.
​​Is there any fees incurred?

​           Yes. 
           Cancellation fee of Rs 1450/acre has to be settled together with Rs 1350/acre for registration fees for new lease.