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​​Animal Production Division​ 

Frequently Asked Questions

 1.   What are the products available at the Poultry Breeding Center, Reduit?
         The Poultry Breeding Centre (PBC) and Albion/Belle-Vue Farm provide small farmers with quality day-old broiler chicks and ducklings produced from parent stock birds.
​Unit Price
​D​ay on Sale
(9.00 to 13.30 hrs​​)​
   ​Day-o​ld broiler chicks​
​   ​Day-old ducklings​


                                     Note: Products are available only to those registered at the PBC (Registration details)

                                            ​  *Prices may change. Please phone on 464 3733 to obtain current prices
2.   Are the day-old broiler chicks provided by the Poultry Breeding Centre vaccinated?
Our day-old broilers are not vaccinated. Farmers should continue with the vaccination programme after purchase of chicks. Vaccines are available at the Division of Veterinary Services, Reduit
3.   Are the ducklings provided by the Poultry Breeding Centre vaccinated?
Our day-old ducklings do not require vaccination.
4.   When is the registration of Poultry farmers carried out?
     The PBC carries out the registration of poultry farmers in November and December every year in order to plan its annual importation and day-old broiler chick production programme.
5.   What documents to bring for registration?
    Interested farmers are requested to call in person at the Poultry Breeding Centre  
   together with their National ID Card and a utility bill as proof of address. 
6.   When is the registration of duck and turkey farmers done? 
   Registration of duck and turkey farmers is done all year round.


7.   Where must Pig breeders enquire if they are interested in Artificial Insemination (AI)? 

The Pig Artificial Service is situated at Albion.  Farmers must make their request for insemination  by phone and collect their free semen doses from AI lab.  
Telephone no: 238 4105

8.   How much does the pig insemination cost?
     Pig AI doses are provided free of charge.

9.   What is the source of pig semen provided by the Pig AI service?
     The Pig AI service imports boars at a young age from reputed sources abroad in 
     order to  obtain the best genetics for the local herd. 

10.        At what frequency are the boars changed at the Pig AI station?
     Boars are changed every 2 years in order to avoid inbreeding in the local herd.

11.        What breeds are available? 
        Landrace, Large White, Duroc and Erka (Landrace-Duroc Cross)​