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​​​Agricultural Chemistry Division​​ ​​​​

Frequently Asked Questions​

  1. How to send samples for analysis to the Division?

     Sugarcane planters should contact FSC while Vegetable and Fruit growers should contact AREU. The service is free for small planters.

  2. How to obtain Licence for sale of Chemical Fertilizers?​​

      Send a ​written application to Chief Agricultural Officer, Ministry of Agriculture, Food Technology & Natural Resources, Réduit or send the completed form to PRDO, Agricultural Chemistry Division, Réduit.

  3. Is the Licence obtained free of charge?

     No, fees are charged: Wholesale Licence - Rs100 and Retailsale - Rs25. Licence is valid for one year only.​

  4. How to obtain permit for sale of pesticides?

     ​One should contact the Dangerous Chemical Control Board (ex-PCB) at the Ministry of Health & Quality of Life, Atchia Building, c/r Suffren and Mgr Gonin Street, Port Louis.​​