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The Mauritius Herbarium

Officer in Charge: Dr (Mrs) Cláudia Baider
Tel: (230) 454 1061

The Mauritius Herbarium, located at Réduit, harbours the world's main collection of plants (fungi, bryophytes, algae, pteridophytes and higher plants) from the Mascarenes, distributed in different collections (voucher, carpological, spirit, wood, live plants) as well as associated collections (photographs, books, maps, etc).  The Mauritius Herbarium collections include samples collected  from the 1760's, type specimens and vouchers of endemic species believed extinct among others.   A sample of information is available online at:


The main activities of The Herbarium are:


        • Curation of all collections using international standards to ensure its long-term use
        • Production and dissemination of high level research on Mascarene plants, including collaboration with national and international institutions,
        • Provision of information and identification of plant samples to the local and international community.

        • Provision of scientific information on native and naturalised Mascarene plants.
        • Identification of samples of native and naturalised Mascarene plant species.
        • Provision of material for scientific studies that received proper permits to be conducted.
        • Exchange and donation of vouchers to other herbaria.
        • Sale of volumes of the Flore des Mascareignes​