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​​Post Entry​ Quarantine (PEQ) monitoring and surveillance of imported planting materials​​​

​​Importation of certain specific planting materials is conditional to post entry quarantine at importer's premises for a predetermined period.  Imported planting materials can present a risk to plant health because they have the potential to introduce quarantine pests that can have a detrimental impact on the agricultural economy. PEQ is a management option used to contain any potential threat of incursion of exotic pests and diseases. PEQ facilities include Government owned containment facilities/greenhouses or authorized private PEQ at importers' premises, having ​all required safeguard measures in place.

Post Entry Quarantine for planting material for the horticultural and floricultural sector development, most commonly carried out are: Rose, Chrysanthemum, Gerberra, Orchids, among others.

 Authorized private PEQ at importers' premises

​1. The importer shall be required to sign an undertaking to grow the imported plants in an approved post entry quarantine facility at the time of application of the Plant Import Permit

2. The importer shall be required to establish the post entry quarantine facilities such as an isolated field / nursery / glasshouse / greenhouse / polyhouse etc.

3. The importer shall inform in advance the National Plant Protection Office about the time of planting of the imported plant material in the approved facility and permit complete access for inspection of the plants.

4. The importer shall provide transport facilities and any other necessary support to the NPPO officers for undertaking inspection at the time of planting and at such intervals as may be considered necessary for detection of pests and diseases.

Plants grown under post entry quarantine may be released if found free from pests for the period specified.

Plants found affected by quarantine pests shall be destroyed at importer's own cost and without compensation.

Destruction of the affected plant by importer shall be carried out in a prescribed manner under the supervision of the quarantine inspector.

​PEQ at NPPO Greenhouse

 Plant Containment Facility and Quarantine greenhouse for high risk germplasm

Containment facilities for importation of ​high-risk germplasm under specific quarantine conditions are available to prospective importers.

The facilities offered include hardening rooms for imported tissue culture plantlets and greenhouse space for post entry quarantine observations.

​​Post entry quarantine fee for Plastic Pots
< 5 cmRs. 5.00
> 5 cm < 10cmRs. 10.00
> 10 cm < 15 cm
​Rs. 20.00
> 15 cm < 25 cm
Rs. 25.00
> 25 cmRs. 50.00