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Issue of Plant Import Permit for importation of plant and plant products.​​​

Importation of Plant or Plant Parts and plant products for perso​​​nal or commercial use is subject to a Plant Import Permit (PIP) under section 19 of the Plant Protection Act 2006​
  ​(a)  Online application for a   
          ​Plant Import Permit
​Applications for a PIP are to be made electronically on the Tradenet Portal ( For first time applications, the public is kindly advised to contact the MNS Customer Service department for training and registration on 4016805 or by email customer.service@mns.muPIPs are issued electronically.
​  ​(b)  Manual application for a
         ​Plant Import Permit

​or importation of animal feed and agricultural machinery, the public is informed that all applications for PIP should be submitted manually. 


-Individuals wishing to import agricultu​ral commodity at once instance may apply manually. 


PIPs submitted manually will be issued within 5 working days.


Download Application form for: Application for Plant Import Permit         

​  Issue of the Plant Import Permit

The PIPs issued should be sent to your supplier, who will be responsible for obtaining the necessary phytosanitary import requirements on the PIP with the Plant Protection Authority of the exporting country. One Plant Import Permit applies for only one shipment and hence an application should be made for each and every consignment. Please note that a Plant Import permit is valid for 4 months. ​