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   Inspe​ction and clearance of imported agricultural commodities

On arrival, an application should be made on the Tradenet Portal ( for clearance. The consignment should be accompanied by a Phytosanitary certificate (PC) issued by the Official Plant Protection Services of the exporting country complying with all phytosanitary import requirements spelt out in the Plant Import Permit.​​

​Documents should be uploaded on the MNS before making a request for clearance:

            1.           ​​Phytosanitary Certificate
        1.           Invoice and packing list 
        2.           Bill of lading
        3.           Airway / shipping bill

​​​The importer or his agent shall notify the officer at Port of entry (Port Louis office, Tel: 242 8284, Fax: 240 4479, SSR International Airport, Tel: 637 6232, Fax: 637 3194) at least 2 working days before arrival of consignments.


              1.   ​​​​​An inspection will be carried out on arrival and the phytosanitary clearance will be issued ​electronically on the Tradenet Portal for customs clearance given that the ​consignment on inspection is found free of pests and comply with all import conditions.

  In case of non-compliance, i.e. absence of phytosanitary certificate, phytosanitary certificate which is deficient in certification of freedom from pests and phytosanitary treatments  stipulated in the PIP, presence of any pest, the consignment will not be cleared for delivery, and would either be  recommended for destruction, treatment  or reshipment at the importers own cost.