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​Agricultural Services
Food Science and Technology Divi

​Contact Person: Dr (Mrs) Shalini Amnee NEELIAH
Position: Principal Scientific Officer
Tel  No: + 230 466 1435
E mail:

Milk and dairy products testing is essential to monitor its quality. The following tests are carried out in the Dairy Chemistry Laboratory:

​​             ​List of tests carried out

  ​Fat content
  ​Protein content
  ​Lactose content

​  Total solids

  Titratable acidity

​  Alcohol test (for determining milk freshness)
  ​​Sucrose content
​  Adulteration by water
  Phosphatase test



Dai​ry Chemistry ​La​boratory​​

Determination of fat content, protein content, lactose content and other parameters in milk using an FTIR analyser


Determination of adulteration by water using Cryoscope


Determination of fat using Gerber



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