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​ ​Livestock Zones Dairy at Melrose​

The Livestock Zone Project addresses a number of issues faced by the farmers:​

​   ​(i)​

Ageing of the farming community and lack of interest of the young in the dairy activity
​(ii)Rising cost of operations especially feeds
​(iii)Generalized lack of fodder
​(iv)Increasing environmental and sanitary control over the livestock business making it difficult for farmers to operate in residential areas. Many farmers are faced with prohibition/stop orders due to environmental nuisance of their activity.
​(v)Poor waste treatment facilities leading to environmental nuisance
​(vi)Poor scope for marketing their product​
(vii)Poor economies of scale leading to high cost of production

The Livestock Zone enables clustering of farmers under a single area where all the relevant facilities are provided. This enables them to gain in economies of scale while facilitating marketing. It also provides adequate waste treatment and is environmentally sustainable. The first livestock zone is being set up at Melrose and shall comprise of 12 units each having a capacity of 10 cows. Other livestock zones are in the pipeline for sheep and goats.