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Communiqué for the​ Year 2022​​​​​​​

​Date Issued 30 December 2022
Rental of Wooden Stalls for Les Assises De L’Agriculture at Cote D’Or National Sports Complex

​Date Issued 15December 2022
Sale of Pine Chr​istmas Trees
​Date Issued 05 December 2022

Registration​ Of Planters
Registration ​of Breeders

​Date Issued  17 November 2022

​Communique -  " ’une fau​sse proposition d’aide au projet circule actuellement via courriels et les médias​ sociaux "
​Date Issued 08th November 2022

Award of Procurement Contract:-for the Provision of Security Services for Various Stations/Compounds, Reference No. MOAIFS/Q101/2021-2022/ONB
​Date Issued 04th October 2022
​Seed Act 2013
​Date Issued 04th October 2022
Application Form for Agricultural State Land​​
​​Date issued 03rd October 2022

​Date Issued 30th September 2022
New price list of exotic plants being sold at the Forestry Nurseries as from 1st October 2022
​Date Issued 30th September 2022
Press Communique on Subsidy to Beekeepers
Application form Registration as supplier of Queen Bee
Application form to benefit from the subsidy
​Date Issued 19th September 2022

PRESS COMMUNIQUE - ​New Regulations for the Seed Sector​
​Gazetted See​d Regulations

 - ​Application Fees f​or Exportation of Seeds
 - Application form to be register​ed as a seed producer and for renewal
 - Application form for re​gis​tration of variety of seed
 - Application form for seed samplin​g and testing of seed
 - Application form for e​xp​ortation of seeds
 - Application form for importation of seeds
 - Application form for registr​ation as a seed dealer
 - Application form for enteri​ng a seed crop for certification
 - Application Fees for Seed Dealer and Prod​ucer
 -  Application Fees for Reg​istration of Variety

​​Date Issued 12th  September 2022

​Plan d’assistance financière pou​r la protection des fruits pour la saison 2022-2023
​Date Issued 31st August 2022

Communique-Registration-Producers for Campaign 2023

Producers of Seeds for Potato, Onion and Garlic Reg form 2023
​Date issued 19th August 2022
Bio Farm​ing Support Scheme
​Date Issued  19th August 2022
Sicom Offre​ spesial
​​Date Issued  19th August 2022
​Bar Coding ​Acquisition Scheme
​​Date Issued 18th July 2022
​Pesticides Co​de of Practice 
​Date Issued 14th July 2022
Expression of In​terest - Seed Production under the Quality Declared Seed Programme (Cucumber and Squash)
​Date Issued: 01st July 2022
Procurement of Poultry Feeds for Poultry Breeding Centre
​Date Issued:- 28th June 2022
​Levee des restrictions sanitaires
​Date Issued:- 28th June 2022
​Vacancy for the post of Deputy Director, Agricultural Services
​Date Issued:- 17th June 2022
​​Date Issued:- 15th June 2022
​1. Employment of Invasive Alien Species Manager on a contract basis
2. TERMS AND CONDITIONS of employment on contract basis for the post of Invasive Alien Species Manager
3. Application for the post of Invasive Alien Species Manager
​Date Issued:- 15th June 2022
​1 .Employment of Project Coordinator on a contract basis
2. Terms & Condition
3. Application Form
​Date Issued:- 14th June 2022
Temporary Exhibition a​t 'SSR BOTANICAL GARDEN PAMPLEMOUSSES extended up to 21 August 2022

​Date issued - 06th June 2022

​Date issued - 02nd June 2022
​​Tribute t​o Late SAJ​  -SSR Botanic Garden, Pamplemousses will be exceptionally closed ​​​
​Date issued:- 27 May 2022
​Reminder - Hunting Season 2022
​Date Issued:- 23 May 2022
​Communiqué Iran et Maurice
​Date Issued:- 07th April 2022
​Prohibited Activities on Nature Reserves, Mountain Reserves including Islets Nature Reserves 
​Date Issued:- 31 March 2022
Importation of Dates​​
​Date Issued :- 17 March 2022
Temporary Closure of National Parks, Forest Reserves and Nature Trails
​Date Issued:- 04 March 2022
​Date issued:- 21 February 2022
​Assessment of Loss incurred by Planters following Cyclone Emnati
​Date issued:- 20 February 2022
Temporary Closure:- National Parks, Forest Reserves and Nature Trails
​Date issued: 18 February 2022
​Closure of National Parks, Forest Reserves and Nature Trails
 in case of Cyclone Warning II

Registration Form for Crop ​Los​ses incurred by registered Small Planters following cyclone Batsirai from 31st January 2022 to 03rd February 2022                   
Date issued:29 Jan 2022
The Supply of Mini Tea Harvest​er under the Mini Tea Harvester Scheme -EOI                   
Date issued:29 Jan 2022
Date issued:25 Jan 2022
Proposed amendments to be i​ncluded in Finance Bill 2020 28 April 2020               
Date issued:25 Jan 2022
Explanatory Notes for Proposed amendments to the Small Farmers Welfare Fund Act through Finance Bill 2020 
Date issued:19 Jan 2022
Job Advert for HR at RBSEB                  
Date issued:19 Jan 2022
Appl​i​cation Form For HR at RBSEB                   
​Date issued: 06 Jan 2022
Vacancy for the Post of ​Receptionist/T​elephone Operator at AMB
Date issued: 06 Jan 2022
​Notice for V​acancy at AMB