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The National Agricultural Products Regulatory Office Act (2013) was proclaimed on 26thNovember 2013 and the Office started to operate on the 29th as a Division within the Ministry of Agro Industry and Food Security.  The regulatory powers of the Mauritius Meat Authority, the Tea Board and the Tobacco Board have been merged in NAPRO and the setting-up of the Office has entailed the closure of the Tea Board and the Tobacco Board.

​Legal Framework

  • National Agricultural Products Regulatory Office Act (2013) 

  • National Agricultural Products Regulations (2013) , (amended in 2016)


  • Mandate

  • ​To control and regulate the import, export, production and sale of regulated products;​

  • To control and regulate the preparation, processing, packing and manufacturing of regulated products;

  • To regulate the activities and premises in connection with the slaughtering of animals;

  • To determine the prices at which green tea leaves or leaf tobacco may be sold to a producer and by a métayer to a cultivator​

  • ​​Vision

  • ​To regulate activities related to national agricultural products effectively, efficiently and economically.​


License stakeholders for the production, availability and disposability of regulated agricultural products.

  • To ensure that stakeholders of a regulated agricultural product obtain a fair share of the proceeds;​​​

    ​To ensure satisfaction of consumers of agricultural regulated products​

           Presently, 3 categories of products namely MeatTea and Tobacco are under the purview of NAPRO

Fax467 8043​
E mail:

​Officer in Charge:
Tel: 467 8041

​​Technical ServicesMrs. M. NUNKOO
Tel : 467 8046, 467 8057
​Licence Applications:​Mr Dharamraj JHARIA
Tel : 467 8046​