Food Legislation

The Dairy Chemistry Division (DCD) informs and advises cowbreeders, microentrepreneurs, manufacturers and importers on relevant provisions of the Food Act of 1998 regarding milk and dairy products. 

Milk Harvesting Technology

The Dairy Chemistry Division provides technical information on the hygienic methods of milk collection for good quality and longer shelf-life of milk. The DCD is involved in the development of relevant processing technologies for the production of value-added milk-based products such as paneer (cottage cheese), dahi (curdled milk/lait caille), pizza topping, rasgullah, kulfi malai, ice lolly.​

Production of value-added dairy products

Any milk surplus, especially unsold afternoon milk, can be used for the production of value-added products such as paneer (soft cheese), rasgullah, fenousse and lait caille. 

Setting up of small dairy unit and mini pasteurisation plant

The Dairy Chemistry Division can provide technical assistance in the setting up of small dairy units and mini pasteurisation plants for production of milk and dairy product as regards to quality and feed


Contact Person​
Assistant Director/Officer in Charge of
Food Technology Laboratory
Agricultural Services
Ministry of Agro Industry & Food Security

Tel +230 464 5365
Email: moa-dairy-chem@govmu.org