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​​A​gricultural Services
Support Services Un​it​​​

​Contact Person:​
E mail:
Agricultural Superintendent
(230) 464 4871 -401-2800


 Maintenance of Le Réduit Ground.
 Maintenance of the Central Reserves of Trunk Road from Phoenix to Caudan Round-about.


The structure of the Support Se​rvices Unit (SSU) is shown below:

The labour force of SSU includes mainly general workers, gardener/nurserymen, tradesmen and drivers.

The SSU has a fleet of thirty two (32) vehicles at Réduit (six lorries, fifteen double cab vans, three cars, one 26-seater minibus, four window seat vans and three 10-12 seater vans).

These vehicles provide transport to all grades of employees of the Agricultural Services.


The activities of the following sections are as follows:

Le Réduit Grounds
This section is responsible for the maintenance work of Réduit ground. It carries out horticultural activities of the roundabouts of Réduit and Pailles. It also attends to the yard of the following sites:

the residence and office of the Vice-President
the office of the Speaker at Quatre Bornes
Moka District Court
Several government quarters at Floreal and Riverwalk, Vacoas and
Rest houses at Bras d’Eau, Palmar and Floreal.

Carpentry Workshop
The tradesmen are emplo​yed for the maintenance and repairs of buildings, offices and furniture of the Ministry of Agro Industry and Fisheries.

Mechanical Workshop
This section repairs lawn mowers, brush cutters and other agricultural equipment. Soft servicing and minor repairs of vehicles are also effected.

Fuel Section
The refueling of the whole fleet of the Agricultural Services and vehicles of the office of the President and office of the Vice-President.

Bindery Section
This section provides binding facilities to all divisions of the Agricultural Services.


This unit provides labour for maintenance of premises, repair of buildings, offices and furniture of the Agricultural Services.
Transport facilities are also provided to all staff of the Agricultural Services.​