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​Activities of NPPO​​



a. Issuance of Plant Import Permit through the Trade Net Single Window System – reception of application, screening and processing of application, issuance of Plant Import Permit

  1.  ​​b. Issuance of Phytosanitary Certificate for agricultural items destined for export.

c. Plant Containment Facility to facilitate introduction of new germplasm for agricultural diversification- Anthurium, bamboo, macadamia, orchids, cacao, among others.

d. Post Entry Quarantine monitoring and surveillance of imported planting growers' premises for recently introduced planting material like Rose grafts, Chrysanthemum cuttings,    Gerbera plantlets, Orchids tissue cultured plantlets. Post Entry Quarantine

e. Active Growth Inspection for export phytosanitary certification -Anthurium

f. Pre-shipment Inspection –Litchi, Pineapple

g. Phytosanitary inspection at exporters' premises for export phytosanitary certification-vegetables, fruits, spices, etc.

h. Pest Risk Analysis for Import Control and Phytosanitary policy formulation

i. Disease diagnosis and backup to quarantine in specialized discipline of plant pathology    - Mycology, bacteriology, virology and nematology 

j. Seed Health Testing for imported and locally produced seeds

k. Project formulation, follow-up on funding, implementation and management:

l. Formulation of multilateral and bilateral phytosanitary agreements and Memorandum of Understanding to facilitate trade.
m. Implementation of Biosecurity protocols

                - White Grub Protocol – Reunion

                - Port Hygiene System for Giant African Snail – Australia

n. Collaboration with International Trade Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the streamlining of phytosanitary matter during the development of bilateral/multilateral trade agreement and during negotiation with regional block like SADC, COMESA, IOC, Continental Free Trade Area and EU

o. Inspection and clearance of imported agricultural plant materials.

p. Quarantine treatment facilities to stakeholders in relation to both import and export. 

q. Policy formulation of phytosanitary measures related to International Trade.

r. Pest and disease reporting.

s. Enquiry point for SPS.

t. Inspection of incoming vessels.

u. Phytosanitary treatment for import and export certification in line with international standards     -Heat, Fumigation with Sulfuryl Fluoride and Phostoxin

v. Destruction of ship generated quarantine waste and detained materials through the Incinerator at the Mer Rouge Office

w. ​​Inspection of incoming planes and removal of classified quarantine waste (pantry refuse) Spraying of cargo holds of incoming passenger planes

x. Screening of incoming passengers within the Arrival Lounge and interception of undeclared and prohibited items from passengers in collaboration with Customs 

y. Inspection and clearance of incoming Agricultural Cargo comprising mainly of fruits, vegetables, aromatic & fine herbs, fresh cut flowers &and planting materials (plants, plant parts & seeds) at PATS/DHL/UPS/AMB cold room

z. Destruction of aircraft generated waste and intercepted material through the  incinerator at the airport​