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   ​​​Food Science and Technology Division​
ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited

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Dr. (Mrs) Shalini NEELIAH
Principal Scientific Officer​​
+ 230 466 1435

Steps in Food Microbiology


1.   Sample     reception



 At the sample reception desk, after fees payment and registration, samples are handed over to the laboratory analyst and kept under suitable conditions until testing

​​2. Media Preparation

In the media preparation room, depending on the microorganisms to be identified, appropriate media is prepared. Media are sterilised in an autoclave and poured in petri dishes.

3. Sample Preparation

Samples are homogenised under sterile conditions and diluted.

4. Inoculation

A suitable amount is plated on suitable media in a biological safety cabinet.

​5. Incubation

Following appropriate ISO methods and Standard Operating procedures, the inoculated plates are incubated under suitable conditions for specified duration.

​​6. Counts/Confirmatory Test​


Microbiological colonies are identified and counted. Confirmatory tests are performed when required

7. Test report​

After appropriate calculations and assuring quality of test results, a test report is issued to the customer


Quality Assurance in Food Microbiology Laboratory

To ensure quality testing and reliable results, the Food Microbiology Laboratory is an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory. ISO standards requires
  1. ​ Qualified, experienced personnel
  2.  Equipment calibration and monitoring
  3.  Continuous training
  4.  Regular participation in proficiency testing
  5.  Internal and external audit
  6.  A documented system with traceability
  7. ​ Appropriate statistical analysis and striving towards continual improvement.​