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​​Agricultural Services

Entomology Division​

​   Contact Person: 

   ​E mail:
Principal Scientific Officer
(230) 466 4983 
        (230) 401 2800
(230) 466 6434

    ​More on fruit fly control​​

     ​Fruit fly control

​​Responsible Officers:​

Name of Officers​​​
​Phone Nos:
​Mrs. N. PATEL
​Scientific Officer​​
(230) 401 2800
​Mrs. S. RAGHOO​​
​Scientific Officer
​​(230) 401 2800
​Senior Agricultural Support Officer
​(230) 413 7256
​Technical Assistant
​(230) 266 8304
​Agricultural Support Officer
​(230) 401 2800
​Mrs. B. BADRY
​Agricultural Support Officer
​​(230) 401 2800
​Agricultural Support Officer
​​(230) 401 2800
​Agricultural Support Officer
​​(230) 401 2800
​Miss A. B. OLLEE
​Agricultural Support Officer
​​(230) 401 2800
Mrs M. RAMLUGUN     
​Agricultural Support Officer
​(230) 401 2800


 Species of fruit flies in Mauritius​​​

There are nine species of fruit flies of economic importance in Mauritius. Fruit flies that occur on fruit trees include the oriental fruit fly,Peach fruit fly, the Natal fruit fly, the Medfly (all of which attack mango, guava, peach, loquat etc.) and the Ber fly (which attacks masson/ jujube only). The melon fly attacks cucurbits such as cucumber, patole, pipengaille, calabash, squash, courgette, chayote, etc. while the tomato fly attacks tomato.

The National Fruit Fly Control Programme

Within the National Fruit Fly Control Programme (NFFCP), the bait application and male annihilation techniques are used to control fruit flies in backyards in selected localities. Bait sprays attract both male and female fruit flies while MAT blocks attract males only. These techniques are more environment friendly as compared to conventional insecticide cover sprays. The main objective of the NFFCP is to boost up fruit production in backyards, while at the same time improving fruit quality.

A limited amount of free bait is given to fruit tree owners at the different bait distribution sites (See​ FAQ).

To be effective, all fruit tree owners in a locality should regularly a​pply bait sprays for fruit fly control. However, bait sprays alone is not enough for fruit fly control. Collection and proper disposal of infested fruits is of utmost importance. This practice will help to bring down the fruit fly population.