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​Agricultural Services
​​Entomology Division

Contact Person: Dr. P. SOOKAR
Position: Principal Scientific Officer
Tel: (230) 466 4983​
​PABX: (230) 401 2800, Ext 2860
Fax: (230) 466 6434
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Fruit fly control on vegetable crops

Responsible Officer

​ Mrs. N. Patel​​Scientific Officer
 ​Mrs. S. Raghoo
​Scientific Officer
 As regards fruit fly control in vegetable plantations (Cucurbits (FAQ) and tomato (tomato fruit fly ​control), a fruit fly management practice has been developed.

 Modified w​aste brewer's yeast is given free to vegetable growers at the different bait distribution sites. It is recommended that vegetable growers plant small plots of maize (2m x 4m)
 at a distance of 20m along the border of their fields if they have no other plants bordering their field.

 ​Fruit flies rest under the leaves of maize plants or any other plant along the border of the field. Bait sprays should be carried out regularly on the bordering crop.
(Pamphlet on Me​​lo​n Fly Control)

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