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Agricultural Services

Entomology Division​​​

​Contact Person:​ ​Dr P. SOOKAR​
​Position:​ ​Principal Scientific Officer
Tel No.: (230) 466 4983
Fax: (230) 466 6434
E mail:


​- Prevention of entry and establishment of exotic pests

- ​Research and development in safe​ and sustainable pest control programmes
- Implementation of action programmes in plant protection
​- To protect the country’s agricultural economy and ecosystem from introduction and establishment of destructive pests, as a first line of defence
- ​Monitoring and management of existing and newly introduced pests
​- Maintenance and improvement of plant health​
- To promote biological control as a safer pest control method
​- To deliver plant protection services


The Entomology Division has its main office situated in Réduit and manages two sub sections namely at Mapou and Flacq under the fruit fly project.


The Entomology Division offers the following services:​​​

​​​Implementation of fruit fly control for fruit trees in selected areas according to fru​it density and fruiting season


​​​Advice on fruit fly control in vegetable crops
​​Attending to special requests from individuals/organisations for specific pest problems.
​​​Advisory field visits in connection with insect problems are carried out upon request. The main insect pests that              are  encountered include termites on trees, Batocera borer on mango plants and white fly on ornamentals.
​​Advice on beekeeping and hive management and supply of queen bees for sale to beekeeper​
​​Promotion of apiculture : training of beekeepers
​​Registration of Beekeepers
​​​Biological control of coconut rhinoceros beetle

​Services​​ ​​​

​​Advice and training on beekeeping and hive management
​​I​dentification of insects​
​​Supply of biological control agents
​Fruit fly control in vegetable crops​​
Fruit fly control on fruit trees​​
​​Treatment against insect pest problems in Government and Parastatal buildings/yards
​​​Free distribution of fruit fly bait and killer blocks for fruit fly control
​​​Technical advice on control of pests on plants​​​​​