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Ministry of Agro Industry and Food Security

Transport Section


Contact Person: Mr Ranjit Hamun
Position:Transport Superintendent
Tel:(230) 464 4889 - 401 2800 Ext 2905 
Fax: (230) 467 4612
E mail:


The Transport Section of the Ministry of Agro Industry and Food Security has a fleet of  more than one hundred vehicles - (Lorries, double cab 4x4 vans, cars, 15 seater vans and Jeeps).
The cars/vans are provided for the conveyance of officers, foreign experts and delegates on mission inland, field staff attending to field work, site visits and employees attending work on outstations.
Lorries carry various materials relative to the mandate of the Ministry
​To provide safe, reliable, effective and fully integrated transport operations to enable the personnel of the Ministry to perform their duties effectively.
​To work in a transparent, accountable and responsible way, in order to provide, develop, manage a safe comfortable and sustainable transport system.



To enable customers requesting transport for staff members or goods to access the transport system in ways which best satisfy their chosen requirements.
Improve the safety, security, reliability, quality and speed of transporting staff members and goods