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Ministry of Agro Industry and Food Security

Veterinary Services

Agricultural Services

Veterinary Services Division

Contact Person: Dr. D. MEENOWA
Position: Assistant Director , 
              Livestock and Veterinary
Tel: (230) 454 1016/17
Fax: (230) 464 2210

Permits and Licences


Permit ​ ​
​​Notes for the guidance of dog breeders permit ​(pdf version)
Import ​ ​
Import of live animals [day-old chicks, livestock for slaughter or breeding, pets (dogs and cats) horses] is authorized subject to certain criteria and conditions, satisfying the Animal Diseases Act, and the Veterinary Services (Duties and powers) Bill.
Thus, an application for importation of any live animals and birds, should be done at the Division of Veterinary Service


Download Application Form for import permit of live animals & birds

(Word Version - 35 kb)

(Pdf version 40 Kb)

Import of Pets

Notes for the guidance of importation of pet animals into Mauritius

(Word Version - 30 Kb)

(PDF Version - 60 kb)


Download Application Form for import Permits of pets 

(Word version - 38 Kb)

(Pdf version 43 Kb)

Import of meat and meat products
Download Application Form for import permits - Import of animal by-products. For e.g. animal trophies, skin and hide etc.

(pdf version)

 (Word version)



​Export ​ ​
The Division of Veterinary Services is the National Competent Authority for the certification of products/food of animal origin, including fish and fishery products, intended for export to E.U countries, and other countries like USA, Japan, China, etc.
In this context, the services of the Division are available at DVS Headquarters, Réduit.
Furthermore, health certificates of live animals, e.g. day old chicks, pets (dogs & cats), monkeys, horses destined to be exported, are issued by the DVS, following rigorous assessment and health control of those animals. The certificates are issued, on specific conditions that satisfy the requirements of the importing countries, and also, the sanitary and phytosanitary measures of the WTO.
​ ​
Slaughter Permit ​ ​
The DVS issues slaughter permits, upon requests from the public, for special religious occasions like Eid-Ul-Adha, Haqueekah, kali Puja & Baharia Puja. ​ ​