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Ministry of Agro Industry and Food Security


Agricultural Services

National Plant Protection Office (NPPO)
Contact Person: Mrs Padmini SEEBUN
Position: Principal Scientific Officer
(230) 464 4872
Fax: (230) 465 9591

Health and Quality Certification

Export Inspection and Certification
Import Inspection and clearance of incoming agricultural commodities
Plant Containment Facility and Quarantine greenhouse
Post entry quarantine
Active Growth Inspection


Export Inspection and Certification

Phytosanitary certification and inspection of plant and plant products for export are carried out in conformity with the requirement of the quarantine regulations of the importing country in order to fulfill our obligations under international agreements.

Prospective exporter or their agent shall notify the Officer in Charge at Reduit office, Tel: 464 4872 / 466 9067, Fax: 464 4874, at least 48 hours prior to actual date of shipment.

The exporter or his agent shall present the consignment either at the plant quarantine office or arrange for inspection at his premises.

Transport, labour and other facilities for opening, sampling, repacking etc shall be borne by the exporter.

For non commercial consignment, exporter may call during office hours either at our main office at Reduit or at anyone of our sub offices at :

(i) Mer Rouge, Tel: 242 8284, Fax: 240 4479
(ii) SSR International Airport, Tel: 637 6232, Fax: 637 3194

Consignment shall be free of soil and pest free.

Copy of the Plant Import Permit (wherever applicable) issued by the importing country should be produced.

Fees for inspection and issuance of Phytosanitary Certificate are as follows:

Non commercial

(i) Phytosanitary certificate - Rs. 10.00
(ii) Treatment of plant/plant part: 25 unit or less - Rs 10.00


(i) Phytosanitary certificate - Rs. 50.00
(ii) Inspection - Rs. 100.00
(iii) Treatment of plant/plant part with pesticides. More than 25 units - Rs. 75.00

Import Inspection and clearance of incoming agricultural commodities

The importer or his agent shall notify the officer at Port of entry (Port Louis office, Tel: 242 8284, Fax: 240 4479, SSR International Airport, Tel: 637 6232, Fax: 637 3194) immediately upon arrival or in advance in case of perishable consignments.

The following documents shall be produced at time of inspection (a) A copy of Plant Import Permit (b) Phytosanitary certificate (original) issued at the country of origin .

A copy of (a) Bill of Lading (b) Shipping / airway bill and (c) Invoice and packing list may also be required for processing.

A certificate of inspection is issued for customs clearance if the consignment on inspection is found free of pests and conform to our import conditions.

A detention certificate is issued in respect of consignments that are found infested / infected with quarantine pests or imported in contravention with the current plant import regulations.

Non conformity with our import regulations may entail re-shipment or destruction of the consignment at importer’s costs and without compensation.

The chargeable fee for inspection and clearance is Rs. 100.00.

Plant Containment Facility and Quarantine greenhouse

Containment facilities for importation of high risk germplasm under specific quarantine conditions are available to prospective importers.

The facilities offered include hardening rooms for imported tissue culture plantlets and green house space for post entry quarantine observations.

Post entry quarantine fee for Plastic Pots
< 5 cm
Rs. 5.00
> 5 cm < 10 cm
Rs. 10.00
> 10 cm < 15 cm
Rs. 20.00
> 15 cm < 25 cm
Rs. 25.00
> 25 cm
Rs. 50.00








For additional information - National Plant Protection Office, Réduit Tel. 466 9067, Fax. 464 4874

Post Entry Quarantine

Importation of certain specific planting materials is conditional to post entry quarantine at importer’s premises for a predetermined period.

The importer shall be required to sign an undertaking to grow the imported plants in an approved post entry quarantine facility at the time of application of the Plant Import Permit

The importer shall be required to establish the post entry quarantine facilities such as an isolated field / nursery / glasshouse / screenhouse / poly house etc.
The importer shall inform in advance the National Plant Protection Office about the time of planting of the imported plant material in the approved facility and permit complete access for inspection of the plants..

The importer shall provide transport facilities and any other necessary support to the quarantine inspectors for undertaking inspection at the time of planting and at such intervals as may be considered necessary for detection of pests and diseases.

Plants grown under post entry quarantine may be released if found free from pests for the period specified.

Plants found affected by quarantine pests shall be destroyed at importer’s own cost and without compensation.

Destruction of the affected plant by importer shall be carried out in a prescribed manner under the supervision of the quarantine inspector.

Active Growth Inspection

An active growth inspection service is available to growers of anthurium and other horticultural crops including cut foliage for the export market.

Anthurium growers / exporters of horticultural products are requested to register their nurseries with the National Plant Protection Office, Reduit, Tel. 464 4874, Fax. 465 9591, so that the phytosanitary status of their nurseries may be regularly monitored by our officers in line with agreements made with the phytosanitary authority of the importing countries regarding phytosanitary certification of cut flowers.

Transport facilities for inspection shall be provided by the grower.

Fee for Active Growth Inspection
0.4 - 1.2
1.2 - 2.0
2.0 - 4.0
> 4.0