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Ministry of Agro Industry and Food Security
Ministry of Agro Industry and Food Security>Permits for Marine Protected Areas

Permits for Marine Protected Areas

Fisheries - Permits & Licences

Marine Parks and Reserves Service Division - Application for permits in the Marine Protected Areas

To regulate activities in the Marine Protected Areas including Marine Parks, a permit system has been developed.

An applicant may be issued a permit subject to such terms and conditions as may be decided and on payment of an approved fee as per the “Charges for the Marine Protected Areas Permits” of the Fisheries and Marine Resources (Marine Protected Areas) Regulations 2001.

Any person requiring a permit under these Regulations shall have to apply in writing to the Permanent Secretary on the “APPLICATION FORM FOR PERMIT(S)” in Marine Protected Areas provided on line. (Download form >>>pdf version 137 KB / word version 48 KB). The applicant is requested to call in person at the Albion Fisheries Research Centre or at the Blue Bay Marine Park Patrol and Visitors Centre with three passport size photographs, their identity Card or Passport (non-citizen) to complete other administrative formalities.

With regard to interference permit, the applicant shall have to make a formal request to the Permanent Secretary by giving all the details. Depending on the merit of the application and if authorized, the applicant may proceed as at Para. 3.