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Ministry of Agro Industry and Food Security

Land Conversion

Land Conversion Unit

Application for Land Conversion Permit(Guideline)

The Ministry grants authority for the conversion of agricultural land to non agricultural use in accordance with the provisions of Section 28 of the Sugar Industry Efficiency (SIE) Act 2001.

The owner of any agricultural land who intends to put that land to non agricultural use should apply in writing to the Ministry in a prescribed form available at the Ministry and online. As per the provisions of the SIE Act, a land is considered to be agricultural if it has been under any cultivation as from 31 May 1993 onwards.

Procedure and guidelines for submission of applications
1. Applications should be made in the name of the owner/s and should be signed by the latter or any person legally entitled to do so.

2. The duly filled in original application form should be submitted to the Ministry along with 7 copies. The following documents should accompany the application form:-

(a) 8 copies of title deed
(b) Certified and precise site and location plan drawn up by a Sworn Land Surveyor (17 photocopies) clearly indicating identifiable landmarks such as a building, a major intersection, etc
(c) Photocopy of National Identity Card/s of applicant/s
(d) Photocopy of Affidavit of Succession, if applicable, or any other documents as may be required by the Ministry

3. All documents should be sent by registered post to the

Senior Chief Executive
Ministry of Agro Industry & Fisheries
9th Floor, Renganaden Seeneevassen Building
(Ex NPF)

4. While submitting applications for a Land Conversion Permit, applicants should ensure that:

(i) the forms have been properly filled;
(ii) the relevant documents e.g title deed, site/location plan, identity card, affidavit etc, are in conformity with those requested for; and
(iii) relevant/important information on the owner of the land, the purpose of the conversion, the size of land, etc have been provided.

5. ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS should not be submitted.

6. The site/location plan to be submitted shall:

(a) be drawn up by a sworn Land Surveyor on the scale of 1/2500 or its multiples or submultiples;
(b) be signed by the sworn Land Surveyor;
(c) indicate the extent and the linear measurements of the boundaries of the property, its location and distance in relation to any nearby public roads and public buildings or spaces or to any prominent physical features. The units of measurement and their corresponding equivalent shall be expressed as provided in the International Systems (SI Unit) Act No. 6 of 1994;
(d) contain the Transcribed Volume No. of the owner’s title deed;
(e) be clear, neat and legible.

7. Other information required:-

(a) in case the application is made by a company or association, a photocopy of the Memorandum & Articles of Association should be submitted together with the application;
(b) in cases of division in kind or where applicant has given a power of attorney to a third party all legal documents should be submitted at the time of application;
(c) in cases of morcellement, the number of lots should be specified;
(d) in cases of division among children/heirs/co-owners/ascendants and descendants, the full names and the copy of Identity card of all persons concerned should be given and each child/heir/co-owner/ ascendant/descendant should state whether he/she is already owner of a house; and
(e) in cases of application made by more than one person, forms should be signed by all applicants.

8. The certificate of posting will be in lieu of acknowledgement. In case other information are required, the applicant will be requested to call at the Land Conversion Unit of the Ministry on a given date.

9. The applicant is requested to allow at least 3 months for processing

10. Criteria used for determination of applications

The criteria used by the Ministry for the determination and application is that as provided in Section 28(5) of SIE Act 2001 - i.e. :

(a) ensuring that the level of production of sugar is sufficient to meet the commitments of Mauritius;
(b) preserving agricultural land;
(c) optimising agricultural production;
(d) preventing speculation in agricultural land;
(e) respecting outline schemes and planning and development directives; and
(f) preserving irrigation areas.

11. NOTE:

(a) This Ministry will not consider applications where

(i) application forms are not properly filled;
(ii) information is missing or inaccurate;
(iii) all relevant documents including clearances are not submitted along with the application forms; and
(iv) site/location plan do not satisfy conditions as per Registration Duty Act and International System of Units (SI Units) Act
(v) the relevant Section of the SIE Act 2001 is not specified in cases where an exemption from payment of Land Conversion Tax is requested for.

(b) Effective date means the date on which all the information, particulars and documents (in number of copies required) specified in the form of application are submitted.

(c) Any application for Land Conversion Permit may be made by the owner of the land jointly with any other person/s where it is proved to the satisfaction of the Minister that the owner cannot alone comply with all the undertakings specified in sections 11 and 29 (1) (c) (ii); (d), (e) or (f) of the Sugar Industry Efficiency Act as the case may be, and that those undertakings will be given and complied with jointly and severally by the owner and that other person/s.