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Ministry of Agro Industry and Food Security

Mauritius Meat Authority

Contact Person: Mr B P Daumoo
Position: General Manager
Address: Abattoir Road, Roche Bois
Tel: (230) 242-6022/5884/4695
Fax: (230) 217-1077

Main activities:
Slaughter, dressing and transportation of cattle, goats, pigs, sheep and deer meat to markets and meat shops.

1. The Meat Authority was established by the Meat Act 1974. Its functions are as follows:-
(a) Ensure that slaughter is done in line with hygienic, sanitary and environmental norms.

(b) Ensure that only carcasses fit for human consumption are released for sale.
(c) Operate a fleet of meat vans for delivery of carcasses.

(d) Assist in the marketing of locally produce meat.

(e) Assist the parent Ministry in regulating the imports of livestock for slaughter.

(f) Act as facilitator to all members of the meat livestock industry.

2. The powers of the Meat Authority are to:-
(a) Establish and manage abattoirs:
(b) Purchase and import livestock for slaughter;
(c) Market meat, meat products and by-products of the slaughtering products;
(d) Construct, maintain, and rent places for the sale of meat, meat products 
      or by  -products of the slaughtering process;