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Ministry of Agro Industry and Food Security
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National Plant Protection Office

Agricultural Services

National Plant Protection Office,Réduit

Contact Person: Mrs. Padmini SEEBUN
Position: Principal Scientific Officer
(230) 464 4872
Fax: (230) 465 9591
Mob: 422 6344


To protect our country’s agricultural economy and natural resources from introduction, establishment and spread of exotic pests as per provisions of the Plant Protection Act 2006, to help towards plant health improvement and to facilitate export certification of plant and plant products for safe global trade in agricultural commodities as per our obligations under international agreements.


Examination and clearance of incoming agricultural commodities.
Inspection of incoming ship vessels.
Implementation of quarantine protocol (white grub protocol).
Post entry quarantine monitoring of introduced planting materials.
Disease surveillance.
Policy formulation of phytosanitary measures related to International trade.
Import Risk Analysis for imported agricultural commodities.
Pest and disease reporting.
Enquiry point for SPS.
Managing the Indian Ocean crop protection network.
Seed health testing and monitoring of imported and locally produced seeds.
Seed health monitoring on seed production stations.
Importation and maintenance of certified citrus germplasm in insect proof repository .
Quarantine awareness programme.

Communique issued on 26th September 2018