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Ministry of Agro Industry and Food Security
Ministry of Agro Industry and Food Security>Animal Production Division

Animal Production Division

Agricultural Services

Animal Production Division

Contact Person: Mrs. G. Ramasawmy-Chellen
Position: Ag. Principal  Scientific Officer
Tel: (230) 466 0021/466 0011/401 2800
Tel/Fax:(230) 465 8510




    1. Assist in the development of policies and strategies for the livestock sector
    2. Formulate and implement breeding strategies for cattle, goats, sheep, pigs and poultry (broiler chicken, ducks and turkeys) in order to ensure availability of breeding stock for all categories of farmers
    3. Ensure the traceability of livestock from farm to slaughterhouse to tackle issues such as inefficiency of insemination programmes, poor source verification at abattoir, insufficient monitoring of animal diseases and animal movement, livestock thefts, illegal slaughter…etc.
    4. Empower farmers to access mainstream marketing channels to improve consumer confidence in locally-produced livestock products
    To achieve its mandate, the Animal Production Division administers the following projects/units:

      ​ ​  
    1    ​ Poultry Breeding Centre (Reduit) which includes the Turkey Quarantine Unit (PlaineMagnien) and the Duck Farm (Albion)
    ​2 Pig Artificial Insemination Service (Albion)
    ​3 Heifer Farm (Melrose)
    ​4  Livestock Zone (Dairy) (Melrose)
    ​5  Sheep Reproduction Farm (Salazie)
    ​6 ​National Animal Identification System (Reduit)

    With its headquarters at Réduit, the APD manages two farms, namely the Poultry Breeding Centre at Réduit and Albion/Belle Vue Farm as illustrated below.