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Ministry of Agro Industry and Food Security

Engineering Division




engineering__1395734310_202_123_28_18.jpg ​                
​RICHELIEU BRANCH ROAD ​Tel No: 233 5055, 233 0030
​COROMANDEL ​Fax: 233 4680
Contact Persons:
1 Mr. A.H Mauthoor ​Principal Agricultural Engineer
​2 Mr B.Tandrayen Senior Agricultural Engineer
​3 Mr A.F. Nauthoo ​Agricultural Engineer
​4 Mr. N. Moher Agricultural Engineer
​5 ​Mrs. S. Peerun Boodoo ​Ag. Agricultural Superintendent


Be a trustworthy and valuable institution in terms of provision of technical knowledge and quality Engineering services to the Agricultural Services and Parastatal Bodies under the aegis of the Ministry
           To provide efficient and prompt services through trained and knowledgeable staff
 To provide high level of service in the Agro-Industry development process towards food production and security.
      To support the Ministry/Parastatal Bodies/Small Planters and breeders in quest of technical support and professional service.
 To provide necessary processes and mechanism to identify and launch emerging technologies
The Engineering Division offers a key and essential service to enable the Ministry machinery to function smoothly. The Engineering has its office together with its Workshop at Richelieu where all its activities are centered.
The Engineering Division is part of the Agricultural Services under the Ministry of Agro-Industry & Food Security, and provides Technical and Engineering support to all the Divisions and Departments.
STRUCTURE ( Structure )

The Engineering Division is headed by the Principal Agricultural Engineer assisted by the Senior Agricultural Engineer and a team of Agricultural Engineers (Agricultural/ Civil/ Mechanical), Agricultural Superintendent, Senior Technical Officer, Technical Officer, Draughtsman, Senior Technical Assistant and Technical Assistant comprises of the following units:
​1 Civil Works & Farm Building and Design Unit
​2 Central Workshop, Farm Machinery & Heavy Vehicles
​3 Irrigation and Drainage
​4 Mechanical Unit - Arsenal
​5. National Remote Sensing Centre - Bigara


Tel: 233 5044, 233 0275, 233 0030

Fax: 233 4680
Address: Richelieu Branch Road

Contact Persons:

​1. Mr. A.H MAUTHOOR ​Principal Agricultural Engineer
​2. Mr B.TANDRAYEN ​Senior Agricultural Engineer
​3. Mr. A. F. NAUTHOO Agricultural Engineer
4. ​Mr. N. MOHER Agricultural Engineer
​5. Mrs. S. PEERUN BOODOO Acting Agricultural Superintendent