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Ministry of Agro Industry and Food Security

Agro Industry

Agro Industry - Downloads

Application Form for a Land Conversion Permit (Downloadable Forms and Guidelines)

Agri-Business Forms
Application form for the purchase of fruit trees
(pdf version - 5KB) (word version)
Application form for a licence for the sale of chemical fertilizers
 ((pdf version (107 kb)) ( word version)
Application form for submission of samples for analysis.
 pdf version (60 kb)
 / word version

Application for permit for the importation of second hand agricultural machinery 
(word Version) / (pdf version

Application for a plant permit for the importation of plants and  plant parts
(word version) /pdf version)

Request form for subsidized animal feed
 (pdf version) (word version)

Request form for Pest Control Services
 (pdf version) (Word version)

Registration of Beekeepers
 (pdf Version) (Word version)

Request form for Analysis of Milk and Dairy Products
 (pdf version) (word version)

 Veterinary Division

  January 2017


Notes for the guidance of dog breeders permit (pdf version)
Application Form for import permit of live animals & birds
(Word Version - 34 Kb), (Pdf version 40 Kb)

Import of Pets

 Notes for the guidance of importation of pet animals into Mauritius , 
(Word version)      (PDF Version)

Download Application Form for import permits of pets

Import of meat and meat products  
Download Application Form for import permits -
Import of animal by-products. For e.g. animal trophies, skin and hide etc.(Word version 35 Kb), (Pdf version 50 Kb)

 Note on Download

To download: place the cursor on the document you want to download, right click on mouse button,
and choose "save as".

Downloads in pdf format can only be viewed and printed using Adobe Acrobat Software.

The Adobe Acrobat Viewer is available as a free download (3MB) (link opens a new browser window)