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Ministry of Agro Industry and Food Security

Policy Documents and Reports

   Land Conversion Guidelines and Application form

 Guidelines on Agricultural Lease

Blueprint: 'Sustainable Diversified Agri - Food Strategy for Mauritius' July 2008 
    (Word Format
/Pdf Format)

Avian Influenza - the Mauritian Contingency Plan

Roadmap for the Mauritius Sugarcane Industry for the 21st Century (pdf version, 150 KB)

Non-Sugar Sector Strategic Plan 2003-2007

              Executive Summary (Word document) / (pdf version, 16.0 KB)
              Report (
Word document ) / (pdf version, 780 KB)

Sugar Sector Strategic Plan 2003-2007

Islets National Park Strategic Plan

High Powered Committee on Pig Farming Activities in Mauritius and Rodrigues

             Final Report (Word document) / (pdf version, 158 KB)
             List of Annexes (
Word document ) / (pdf version, 167 KB)

Development Management Plan for Offshore Islets for the Republic of Mauritius(Pdf Format)

Multi Annual Adaptation Strategy Action Plan 2006-2015

Seed planting materials - Policy paper for the Agro Business Sector

Sugar Industry Efficiency (Amendment) Act 2005(French pdf version - 43.8 KB)

SIE (Amendment) Act 2005 (English version)

Legal Supplement(pdf version - 845 KB)

Avian Flu - Strategies adopted by Mauritius
Project Report and Findings of FAO team - Mauritius-Madagascar Cross Border Initiative Draft Report

Islets National Park Strategic Plan